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Providing Unparalleled Customer-Centric Water Treatment Services

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Welcome to BET Water Treatment, your trusted partner for comprehensive water solutions. Our expert services ensure access to clean, safe, and high-quality water. For residential well water, we offer a range of specialized services tailored to your needs. Starting with thorough analysis, we design customized treatment solutions addressing contaminants such as bacteria, minerals, heavy metals, and more. Our offerings include filtration systems, water softeners, iron and manganese removal solutions, disinfection systems, reverse osmosis setups, arsenic and radon mitigation and maintenance services.  At BET Water Treatment, we are committed to safeguarding your water supply and enhancing your well-being through reliable and effective water treatment solutions.  Learn more about some of the most common water contaminates below.

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About BET Water Treatment

BET Water Treatment is a woman owned business, where we prioritize customers above all. Our mission is simple: provide exceptional water treatment services tailored to your needs. With customized solutions, experienced professionals, and cutting-edge technology, we exceed expectations. From filtration to desalination, we tackle any challenge. We offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring long-term success. Choose BET Water Treatment for a healthier, happier, and sustainable future. Reach out today and experience customer-focused water treatment.


395 Sabattus St, 1

Lewiston, Me 04240


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